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Gardening Diary - April
  Protect your fruit trees & shrubs from birds by protecting with fruit cages or netting.
  Sow onions, beet & winter cabbage.
  Sow your first carrots.
  Finish planting of late potatoes and earth up earlies.
  Start successional sowing of peas, beans, lettuce & radish.
  At the end of the month plant cauliflowers.
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  Ventilate strawberries under cloches & add straw manure.
  Spray peaches with water to help fruit set.

  Cut back newly planted raspberries.
  Keep an eye out for pests.
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Plants & Flowers
  Remove the dead heads of daffodils & other spring flowers but leave foliage intact.
  Sow hardy annuals in situ.
  Divide & replant perennials.
  Hoe weeds regularly.
  Complete any rose pruning this month.
  Plant out violas, peonies, hollyhocks etc.
  Sow polyanthus & wallflowers for next spring.
  Roses - Feed, Mulch and finish any pruning.
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Trees & Shrubs
  Plant conifers, evergreen trees, shrubs and bamboos.
  Prune flowered shrubs like forsythia & evergreens.
  Finish pruning roses.
  Remove flower heads of winter flowering plants like azaleas and rhododendrons.
  Trim winter flowering heathers.
  Stop side shoots on fuchsias to produce bushy plants.
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  Mow lawns, weed & feed.
  Apply chemical weed killers or pull out weeds manually if you prefer.
  Trim edges.
  Apply organic fertiliser.
  Lay new turf.
  Scarify & aerate your lawn.
  Sow grass seed on bare patches after fine raking.
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  Sow seeds of outdoor tomatoes, melon & marrows.
  Top dress pots, tubs & hanging baskets.
  Increase ventilation and if needed and start to apply shading liquid. Install a louvre window if you do not have one
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  Increase watering & light.
  Clean leaves with a damp soft cloth. Remove any dead leaves.
  Watch for pests & spray accordingly.
  Re-pot houseplants (if needed).
  Top up pots & containers with fresh compost.
  Divide up large clumps of aquatic perennials.
  Removes any dead leaves from the pond. (Submerged leaves can be removed carefully with a lawn rake.
  Keep an eye on surface weeds and remove at the first sign.
  Prune back any tall trees or shrubs that overhang the pond to let in more light.
  Use water lilies to limit direct sunlight.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - April

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Gardening Diary - April - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - April

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