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Gardening Diary - February
  Order your vegetable seeds now.
  A cold frame or cloche can provide an early start for edibles and a valuable winter protection for plants of borderline hardiness.
  Oil all moving machinery parts like hedge cutters, wheelbarrows & lawnmowers.
  Plant onion sets & shallots.
  Sow seeds for early carrots, parsley & parsnips.
  Place cloches over vegetable beds to warm the soil before planting.
  Plant out Autumn sown lettuce.
  Draw up earth to the hearts of young spring cabbage.
  Cover the crowns of rhubarb with buckets or forcing jars to help promote early pickings. Lift and divide congested clumps.
  Sow broad beans in pots under glass for planting out later.
  Order seed potatoes this month.
  Check potato sets for any signs of rotting, remove diseased tubers.
  Spray peaches against peach leaf curl using 'Bordeaux Mixture'.

  Prune outdoor vines, blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries. Use your prunings as cuttings.
  Check all tree stakes & ties.
Plants & Flowers
  Summer flowering clematis can be pruned back hard. This will give rapid new growth during spring to carry flowers later in the year.
  Order bedding plants and annual seeds now.
  Divide clumps of perennials that are too large.
  Plant primroses.
Trees & Shrubs
  Cut back the flowers on winter flowering shrubs (if the flowers have died).
  Plant evergreens such as ivies, laurels etc.
  Prune dogwood, they can be cut back hard down to ground level. This will encourage them to produce brightly coloured new shoots that will provide interest next winter.
  Top dress older shrubs with compost or mulch.
  Fork, brush & aerate frequently. Fill aerated holes with sharp sand.
  Prepare ground for new lawns by frequently raking to produce a fine tilth.
  Repair lawn edges. Installing lawn edging will prevent further damage.
  Repair lawns with new turf or lawn seed.
  Dress the whole of the lawn with a sprinkling of sharp sand.
  Take cuttings of early chrysanthemums.
  Sow tomatoes in heated greenhouse.
  Keep seedlings up to the light to produce short healthy plants.
  Sow sweet peas.
  Ventilate greenhouse on mild days.
  Remove withered or dead leaves.
  As new growth appears increase water supply (don't over do it).
  Take cuttings of Regal Pelargonium.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - February

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Gardening Diary - February - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - February

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