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 Growing Fruit

Growing Apples

Growing Apples
Choosing which apple to grow depends entirely on where it will be planted. Large gardens means you can choose a variety that will grow very tall and have lots of produce. Maintenance on large trees is quite big though and pruning will involve the use of ladders. For pots and containers etc dwarf varieties are the best option. They will still give you a harvest albeit not as large as a fully grown tree, but you will be able to place more varieties next to each other. Pots containing apple trees are extremely decorative too and will brighten up a patio area.
Strawberry Growing Strawberries
Strawberries, in my eyes, are a must in every gardener's garden. Not only colourful, decorative and tasty they are a vital source of vitamin C and B and wonderful to use in the kitchen. Indeed the varieties available today are a far cry from the wild strawberries past generations enjoyed but they are still delicious nonetheless. The Strawberry tree, or arbutus (Arbutus unedo), produces bright red fruits that resemble strawberries but their taste is more suited to jams and preservatives than eating. Other wild varieties such as the Alpine strawberry have fruits that taste like vanilla.

Growing Tomatoes
Once known as the "apple of love" tomatoes have always been a popular crop for the amateur and professional gardener. Once regarded almost solely as a greenhouse crop, with the development of new, hardier varieties you can now grow some varieties outdoors.  However it is important to remember that the crop is native to a fairly hot dry climate. 

Growing Cucumbers
The cucumber has been around for some time, originating from India it has  been used in cooking for around three thousand years. Cucumbers like many other salad crops are at their best when they are fresh. There is a noticeable difference in taste between my own and the ones supplied by the supermarket.


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